Our Catering Supplies range is broad covering cleaning chemicals, sanitisers, paper hygiene and janitorial supplies, all the way through to takeaway packaging and catering equipment. All of our products are sourced from trusted brands providing good quality products at great prices.

We are here to help you make the right choices.

The Professional Supplies brand is developed exclusively for Bidfood offering a one-stop cleaning shop solution. The product portfolio delivers a comprehensive range of chemicals all of which are manufactured in the UK.

Our chemicals are formulated to get the very best cleaning results, whatever your business may be. We’ve developed chemicals that tackle specific issues and we can tailor a range of products to match your cleaning requirements. All of the products are environmentally friendly as our overriding policy is for our products to be as environmentally sound where possible whilst performing to professional standards.

BioVate and EcoVate offer a comprehensive selection of biologically-based cleaning products that are designed to meet the needs of any business. All of our products are made in the UK and are formulated to provide excellent cleaning results. Our biotechnology concentrates use advanced biological active ingredients, surfactants, fragrances, and packaging to create a new generation of innovative cleaning solutions.

Reckitt exists to protect, heal and nurture in the relentless pursuit of a cleaner, healthier world. We believe that access to the highest-quality hygiene, wellness and nourishment is a right, not a privilege.

We are the home of the world’s most recognisable and trusted brands in hygiene, health and nutrition including Dettol, Finish, Air Wick, Calgon, Cillit Bang, Harpic, Vanish and others, Testament to the trust people hold in our leading brands, every day, over 30 million of our products are used globally in people’s homes or businesses.

At Reckitt Pro Solutions, we believe in the power of a healthy business. One that delivers results, with its people’s wellbeing at the heart of it.

We have decades of experience, and a trusted reputation for building healthier places and people through effective, efficient and hygienic solutions. We create clean and hygienic spaces, saving time and reducing costs with less employee absenteeism and improved productivity, to give your business the competitive advantage.

At Reckitt Pro Solutions, we care about giving you better results, for a healthier business.

Celebrating their 70th Anniversary in 2022, eGreen have been a long term strategic partner for Bidfood. As the suppliers of key products in our non-food portfolio, including 100% r-PET cold cups, UK made paper straws, flexy glasses and reusable glasses, along with wood cutlery, meal service packs and wipes, we work together to ensure that Bidfood’s customers receive high quality disposable goods at highly competitive pricing. Their entire product range is manufactured from already recycled content, naturally degradable or fully recyclable materials.

eGreen have manufacturing & distribution sites in Poland and the UK and inward investment in Asia. They are constantly striving to offer best in class solutions, with innovations in eco-friendly products at the forefront of all they do.”

Ecolab has been helping companies operate more efficiently, sustainably, and profitably for 100 years, celebrating our centenary in 2023.

We are united by our purpose to make the world cleaner, safer and healthier – helping businesses succeed while protecting people and vital resources. Our vision is to be the global leader in water, hygiene and antimicrobial technologies and services - providing and protecting what is vital: clean water, safe food and healthy environments. When our customers succeed, we succeed.

We partner with our customers by offering comprehensive products and programs tailored to their needs — from restaurants, hotels and long-term care facilities to schools, commercial buildings, and government facilities.

Our team of over 65 sales-and-service experts across UK & Ireland deliver personalised service, a broad range of solutions and data-driven insights to help customers run clean, safe, efficient, and sustainable operations every day.

Diversey mission “To protect and care for people every day by pioneering future focused cleaning and hygiene technologies”

As a leading provider of products and systems to a wide range of sectors, Diversey has channelled a wealth of hands-on expertise into creating innovative and sustainable cleaning solutions.

Diversey solutions ensure that infection prevention programmes, catering and domestic services are supported to the highest standards. As a knowledge-based provider, we leverage the strength of our 8,800 employees globally which include scientists, technical engineers, supply chain and manufacturing experts, equipment, application and industry specialists as well as state of the art laboratories.

Diversey works closely with all sectors and geographies to identify and develop best practice experience and translate that into local solutions which deliver the best performance, operational efficiency and safety standards for customers and their clients.

Vegware manufactures an extensive range of more than 500 plant-based catering disposables, all designed to be commercially composted with food waste where accepted. Our cutlery, tableware, hot and cold drinks cups and takeaway packaging are all made from plants using renewable, lower carbon, recycled or reclaimed materials.

Compostables are a practical solution for single-use food-contaminated disposables, allowing foodservice to achieve their sustainability goals.

We go beyond products, actively supporting clients in communicating their sustainable choice. Vegware clients have access to a wide range of creative marketing materials including custom print services, posters, product flyers, educational factsheets, product photography, short films and more.

Vegware has operational bases in the UK, USA, Australia and Hong Kong, with distribution throughout Europe, the Middle East, South America and the Caribbean.

Tork is the leading global brand in workplace hygiene, inspiring and supporting you to think ahead so you’re always ready for business. From rethinking the ultimate guest experience, to re-imagining cleaning efficiencies and ways to become more sustainable, Tork is always finding new and better ways to improve your business.

To get ahead of the competition, you need to think ahead – and Tork is the partner to help you do that.

P&G Professional leverages P&G’s scale, trusted brands, strengths in market and consumer understanding to meet the specific business needs in a wide range of sectors within the food industry, such as hotels, education, hospitality, leisure and care homes.

At P&G Professional, we understand the importance of professionally cleaned spaces.

Because first impressions and lasting experiences are so critical, we help our business partners apply innovative technology to the science of commercial cleaning. We understand what people want, and our products and services help businesses meet people’s needs.

It’s a proven fact that customers notice, enjoy, and are heartened by clean, fresh-smelling environments. Thanks to P&G Professional, experiences are positive, people benefit, and not surprisingly, businesses thrive.

Safer, faster and cleaner. Are you ready to switch to Wrapmaster®?

Found in all corners of hospitality, our dispensers are used in small and mighty kitchens to the fast-paced, larger operations across the world. We have dialled in on the frustrations of chefs’ and provided innovative solutions that are practical and cost effective. As industry, leaders, Wrapmaster® continues to address and solve everyday pinch points for chefs, from safety to hygiene to efficiency.

The benefits of Wrapmaster® are clear, with proven cost savings of up to 25% on food wrap usage versus impractical cardboard cutter boxes to being recommended by food safety practitioners, Wrapmaster® is the Ultimate Chef Wrap System.

Whisper® leads the way in the away-from-home luxury tissue market, offering premium, super soft toilet and facial tissues. The epitome of Whisper toilet tissue is Whisper Gold, with its 3 laminated plies and pattern emboss, the roll is super soft and absorbent. Sitting alongside Gold is the Whisper Silver, a 2-ply alternative, which meets a lower price point but doesn’t compromise on quality. Whisper facial tissues come in 2 different pack shapes - the cube and the skillet – both offer supreme softness and contemporary packaging, suitable for all locations. Whisper truly adds a touch of luxury to any environment.