Having the right food-to-go and disposable solutions are important to your customers' food experience. We supply a wide range of disposable options for you to choose from including cups, cutlery, takeaway packaging plus food sheets, boxes, and deli containers, with many options being sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Always enhancing your service.

Food Preparation

Along with good food hygiene practices, how food is prepared and stored is equally as important.

Film, foil and baking parchment are essential in any food establishment. They are key to use to maintain good hygiene, keep food fresh for longer and reduces food waste.

Labelling is an important part when running a foodservice establishment as food safety has to be a priority to ensure food allergens are transparent and ‘use by dates’ can be controlled.

Food To Go

Choosing the right food packaging helps with optimising your food-to-go offering. We have a large range of strong, practical, versatile and food-safe disposable choices, no matter what you’re serving up, in order to add value to your customers’ take-away experience.

Food packaging is also important as it enables better protection against cross-contamination and controls food temperatures in transit.

Napkins & Tableware

Napkins are an essential item used in the majority of catering operations. They are important to provide for customers for hygiene reasons for wiping hands and used on laps. But they can also be used for wrapping food and holding cutlery.

It is important to think about the usage when choosing the right napkin for your operation. Dispenser napkins are useful to have on the counter for customers to take, while lunch and dinner napkins are thicker and larger; therefore better for takeaway and sit down meals.

Candles enhances the mood of any dining experience and are available in different sizes and shapes. Good quality candles shouldn’t drip when burnt in a draft free environment.

We also have a selection of order pads and till rolls. Our order pads are available in single, duplicate and triplicate to suit all needs.