Having products that maintain the highest standards of good kitchen hygiene is more essential than ever. Providing a consistent, professional and safe environment to support your daily needs. Our range includes all aspects of hygiene from general cleaning, surface sanitising, hand hygiene, colour coded cleaning to personal protective equipment.

Always ensuring kitchen safety.


Good hygiene practices will result in keeping consumers and staff safe, positive brand association, consumer trust and compliance with the law.

We have a comprehensive range of cleaning chemicals designed specifically to ensure highest cleaning performance suitable for all areas with leading brands such as Diversey, Eco Lab and P&G. We also have also created a one-stop cleaning shop under our own brand Professional Supplies.

All of our chemicals are formulated to get the very best cleaning results, whatever your requirements you have whether it is ready to use, concentrated or environmentally friendly giving you the best choice.


Having the right janitorial tools such as wipes, mops, buckets and gloves ensure fast and effective cleaning throughout your establishment; from the kitchen to serving areas, to washrooms.

Using a colour-coded system reduces the risk of cross-contamination and maintains a high standard of hygiene. It’s a simple guideline to follow using different colour-coded janitorial supplies for different areas, we have got everything you will need to apply a colour-coded system. All of our socket mops are hygiemix which prevents bacteria growth and all of our mop head are machine washable.

Paper Hygiene

Essential part of any establishments hygiene standards is paper hygiene, our range consists of centrefeed, toilet roll and hand towels including brands such as Tork and Whisper. Paper systems are good for both drying hard surfaces and hands, helping you maintaining clean and a hygienic environment, from your kitchen, serving areas to your washroom.


Personal protective equipment is essential for reducing workplace accidents, staff injuries and customer confidence. Our range includes disposable gloves, face coverings, aprons and a range of uniform and chefs clothing. Should there be an accident our first aid kits are available to help those small incidents maintaining a hygienic and functional environment.