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Bidfood take great pride in sourcing the highest quality products, with equally high levels of certification – which is why they chose to partner with eGreen for their supply of wood cutlery, meal packs and other wood products such as stirrers and skewers.

All of the individual wood cutlery and meal service packs are manufactured with FSC® 100%-certified (Grade A or Grade A/B) birchwood, and due to eGreen’s very high level of diligence and certification they are one of only 3 companies in the UK that can show full chain of custody FSC® certification -  this means that right from the forest that the wood is harvested in to the delivery of the product to our customers the FSC® code of conduct is adhered to.

So what is FSC and why is it important?

As the leader in sustainable forestry, FSC® is trusted by NGOs, businesses, and consumers worldwide to protect healthy, resilient forests for all, forever. They operate the world’s most rigorous and trusted forest certification system, the “check tree” label is found on millions of products worldwide, verifying sustainable sourcing from the forest to the shelf. 56% of consumers worldwide recognise the label.

When you purchase FSC®-labelled products, you’re helping forests, and the people that rely on them, thrive by supporting: 

Zero deforestation

Trees are harvested responsibly so there is no net loss of forest over time. Forests with irreplaceable values, such as old-growth forests, are identified and maintained. Reversing deforestation and maintaining irreplaceable forests are crucial to fighting climate change. 

Fair wage and work environment 

All workers are provided with proper training, adequate safety protocols, and fair wages.

Support the change from preservation to conservation

Plant and animal species are protected.

Community rights  

Local communities living in and around forest areas are consulted, and their legal and cultural rights to land and forest resources are respected.

All wood cutlery supplied to Bidfood by eGreen is FSC®-certified 100% birchwood, this means that ALL materials used come from responsibly managed, FSC®-certified forests.


So what about the different grades of wood used?

There are 3 different basic grades of wood – A, A/B grade, B grade and C grade. A, A/B grade is the best possible grade available, it is specially selected to be virtually knot free, as smooth as possible, minimal colour variation and have no rough edges. To ensure that this quality is achieved each piece of cutlery is visually inspected as it goes along the packing line, with an reject being discarded. The only difference between A & A/B grade is the time of year the wood is harvested and how long it has been stored for. This means that A/B grade wood will likely have a darker tone than A grade, but all quality aspects remain the same. eGreen only ever use grade A or A/B wood.

Grade B wood is the next level of quality and will have more colour variations, more knots, a less smooth finish and possibly more rough edges.

Grade C wood is essentially the reject quality; any items that don’t pass quality control or are rejected during the visual inspection will be sold as C grade.

Look for our FSC®-certified C132056 Product • www.fsc.org


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