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7 Reopening Quick Wins to Boost your Kitchen Hygiene

7 Reopening Quick Wins to Boost your Kitchen Hygiene

Summer is just around the corner and the current demand for outdoor dining is at an all-time high.  With hospitality slowly coming back to life it’s imperative for kitchens to overhaul their hygiene routines. With lockdown lifted customers will be dining in huge numbers over the next few months and hygiene is more important than ever when consumers are choosing where to eat. In collaboration with Wrapmaster® - the professional dispensing system - here are seven quick wins to help your kitchen get back on track and maintain crucial levels of hygiene. 

 Choose the Right Equipment

A kitchen can only run smoothly when you have the right equipment. Using the wrong equipment can compromise the quality of your food, the speed of your service and most importantly can put your team at risk. Wrapmaster® products (70546) combine functionality with performance, which allows the user to run their kitchen as smoothly and safely as possible, while optimising their operation.

 Practice, Practice, Practice!

When it comes to preparing food, good hygiene practice is key. As a minimum, hands should be washed for 20 seconds when entering the kitchen. Opt for single-use paper towels to wipe surfaces and avoid wiping your hands with chef’s cloths. By also using a high quality, strong plastic wrap like Wrapmaster’s® foodservice film (05696), you will protect your food from contamination.

 Know Your Enemy

Cardboard cutter boxes are serious bacteria offenders, they harbour germs and easily cause cross-contamination. Experts recommend you use a professional dispensing system, such as Wrapmaster® (70546). Its robust casing protects your wrap from spills and dirt and can be quickly wiped with sanitiser spray to eliminate germs.  Plus, it can be 100% disinfected in a commercial dishwasher.

 Teamwork is Key

From front of house to back in the kitchen, hygiene should be a part of everyone’s job. Think of your team like a chain, it’s only as strong as its weakest link. Ensure that all staff are aware of hygiene rules and are working together to ensure all hygiene practices are being maintained at all times. 

 Small Changes Matter

Wrapmaster® is not just convenient and hygienic, it’s also extra safe. With its concealed blade the risk of injury to chefs and kitchen staff is totally eliminated, unlike with the exposed blade on a cutter box. Physical injuries in the kitchen are a huge problem where hygiene is concerned.  Injured staff and nasty accidents can be a thing of the past with one small change to Wrapmaster®.

 The Customer is Always Right!

Wrapmaster’s® research has shown that 74% of consumers say that hygiene is the most important consideration when eating out.** Further to that, 93% of diners would feel reassured if pubs, restaurants and takeaways took steps to update their equipment so that it can be cleaned and sanitised regularly.** A simple swap from using cutter boxes and loose rolls to Wrapmaster® (70546) will have a direct impact not only on kitchen hygiene, but also consumer perceptions.

 The Devil Is In The Details

With so many different components to a successful kitchen, wrap might feel like a small detail but, when you think about how much you use daily – 81% of chefs, caterers and F&B Managers say cling film is an essential tool – then these flimsy, tangled rolls can quickly become a big problem in an otherwise hygienic kitchen.***


For more top tips head to https://www.wrapmaster.global/en/wrap-safe/


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** Independent consumer insight,Toluna July 2020, sample 300 consumers.

*** Independent Chef Panel Research,100 participants July 2020


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