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100% r-PET Cold Cups from eGreen

100% r-PET Cold Cups from eGreen

In conjunction with our partners eGreen we are delighted to announce the launch of our 100% r-PET cold cup range. The range consists of 4 sizes of cups (9, 10, 12 & 16fl oz) and 5 different lids, with both flat straw slot and dome available.

The use of recycled plastic is critical for all of us to reach our sustainability targets. As this product is made entirely from recycled waste it significantly reduces our (and your) usage of virgin oil-based plastics. Manufacturing from recycled content rather than virgin material also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 79%. The energy saved on producing 1kg of r-PET vs PET would be enough to power a 13w lightbulb continuously for 20 days.

The whole range is manufactured from 100% recycled post-consumer waste, meaning that all of the material used to manufacture the cups & lids has already been used at least once as a water/soda bottle or a cold cup. No new (or virgin) plastic is used at all. This is very different to post-industrial waste where the ‘recycled’ content is actually just manufacturing waste that is collected and used to make cups, this is still new plastic. It is worth noting that there are also r-PET products on the market that are made from 30%, 50% and 80% recycled content – obviously this is much better than 0% but does mean that at least 20% of the material used is newly produced virgin material.

To further enhance the eco-credentials of this range it is manufactured in Europe, so much less miles travelled and a lower carbon footprint than a product imported from the Far East.

After use both the cups & lids can be fully recycled again (and again & again) and made back into another r-PET product.



Despite the range being made from recycled material it doesn’t look or feel recycled – retaining excellent transparency, flexibility & strength.

To retain the need for a food safe product we only use material that is certified by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), with each delivery of recycled material being certified and checked before the product is made.

Finally by producing a product that is fully recyclable and made from recycled material, we are helping to create a circular economy that ties in with the UK Government waste strategy as this actively encourages recycling as the preferred waste option, rather than composting.



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  • Michaela Bateman