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The Perfect Wash

“Fabric Conditioner is a waste of money.” - A common misconception in the food and hospitality sectors.

Guest experience is at the heart of what makes a successful Bed & Breakfast, guest house, or small restaurant, and nothing is more impactful to initial impressions than the quality of linens your guests come into contact with. P&G Professional understands that the number one priority is having an effective detergent on hand to ensure cleaning is managed correctly the first time. However, coupling detergent with fabric conditioner is the key to ensuring long-lasting freshness to ultimately improve the guest experience. There’s no denying that guests expect the linens they will come into contact with to be fresh. Scent is one of the first signifiers of cleanliness in our homes and the same holds true for the establishments we choose to visit. However, in the hospitality sector, it is cleaning power and a long-lasting freshness - achieved with fabric conditioner - that can truly set your business apart in the mind of the customer. From the market leading brands you know and trust, 70811 Ariel Professional Powder Detergent and NEW 57042 Lenor Professional Fabric Conditioner have been designed to work together for the perfect wash. More effective when used together, this laundry dream team is specifically formulated to work in harmony so that your linens are cleaned to the highest standard thanks to Ariel, with Lenor delivering that coveted pleasant scent. The fabric conditioner is infused with a unique freshness and softness technology to deliver longer lasting freshness and softer feel than detergent alone. Whether the laundry is bedding, towels, tablecloths, napkins, or perhaps even chef whites, New Ariel and Lenor Professional combine to achieve the perfect wash result: cleaning effectively and removing bad smells whilst leaving behind a fresher scent. What’s more, the fabric conditioner’s outstanding performance can even last through tumble drying. 

Dr. Paul Campbell, leading research and development scientist behind the NEW and improved formulas, explains how the best results are achieved with the combination of Ariel Professional Laundry Detergent and Lenor Professional Fabric Conditioner:

 “Ariel Professional and New Lenor Professional are designed to work together to give you excellent cleaning results together with soft fresh fabrics. Ariel has been specially designed to give you great cleaning and a whiteness boost even at low temperatures combined together with Lenor ensures soft fresh fabric, even after tumble drying. NEW diffusive perfume technology also enables a better freshness and scent experience across all touchpoints.” The Lenor formula also features softener agents that lubricate fibres, helping to reduce the friction during the wash cycle, as well as in use.”

Every Experience Counts. 

With over 110 years of experience in the food, hospitality and care sectors, P&G Professional understands the challenges independent professionals face when it comes to laundry and creates products that work together to deliver specific needs. P&G Professional’s mission is to make every experience count, with its trusted brands consumers use at home for personal needs, on a professional level. Through a customer-centric approach to sales, innovation and support, P&G Professional delivers easy to use, unique products to its customers.

Scents and Softness Your Guests Will Remember 

For B&B’s, independent hotels and other small hospitality businesses, a good reputation reaps rewards - first impressions count, and one of the first things a guest will recognise is scent. If linens do not smell of anything, and simply look clean, guests may ask: “have they even changed them?” A lovely scent, achieved with the combination of Ariel and Lenor Professional, reassures customers that laundry has been prepared with the utmost care.

Ariel Professional and New Lenor Professional is available nationwide at Bidfood. For more information call your local depot.



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  • Michaela Bateman